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My daughter was there with her boyfriend 2 years ago when he played winter baseball. When they traveled the countryside they had to be escorted with their own bodyguards all of whom carried automatic weapons. Few people have so well expressed what this beautiful country has been going through as Mr.

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It is sad to recognize that the reason of this colapse is simple stupidity, chronically mantained. I am glad to know that people from other countries understand what is going on here in Venezuela. Thank you for your sympathy towards our people.

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Best wishes. The harsh reality in every sentence. While I was reading, I though for a moment that you were writing about Greece. You see the current goverment of Greece a left wind party was very very font of the Venezuael model just a few moths ago…. A current lesson to be added to those ancient. Yet, in the US and elsewhere, we are sliding towards the same. This was a great read and one I will share. Your writing in this piece elicits such powerful images and emotions in my heart and mind.

And yet, it is the way things seem to go.

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Then they are gone. What a travesty, and what a tragedy. Reblogged this on budbromley and commented: Artfully said description of the suicide of Venezuela. The trend is underway in America too. Once a very beautiful country. Destroyed by little evil minds, supported by a mob of clueless unfortunates. Very artfully said. Another collectivist society is biting the dust. This sad tale has been dripping off the economic cliff since before the Pan American Games in Caracas.

The super-rich are still there in their guarded, walled enclaves, with their yachts and private planes, between trips to Miami, the Bahamas and Switzerland. And the U. Yes is massive suicide of a whole society.

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There is no better word to describe what is happenning. Totally true,Joel,i lived in that country and whitnesses all that you said,and a lot of more bizarre things,promoted and allowed by the mojority of the people,i dont want to be harsh or rude but the people of that country are a case for study anthropological,intelectual,social,and more,sorry but its very hard to understand how stupid,manipulatable,ingenous and ignorant some people could be,that its their own fault,there are so much to talk about this theme but i cant say it,and lees in public media,thanks for your article its very good.

Joel, your writing is excellent; the subject matter painful though it is. Thanks for putting into English words what my Venezuelan wife and I have been trying to communicate to others for years. Reblogged this on Chaos Theory and Pharmacology. It is not easy to evaluate Venezuela. Yes, oil has been a factor of growth, prosperity, modernization, as well as corruption.

However, the country also mas educated a small partt of the population which is eager to obtain growth and development through a mode4rnization of the country. The problem facing Venezuela today is that through a democratic process, the general pospulation elected the wroung candidate and for the last 17 years this group of left wing military and communist politicians hace ruled the country by having absolute power and by discounting the democratic process and its institutions.

The future of Venezuela will depend on those courageous Venezuelans willing to correct what went wroung and making sure that the country get on track as soon as possible.

e-book Colosseum #4: Arena di Sangue (Italian Edition)

It is possible that agricultute, tourismj, fishing and ming cash flows in Venezuela will never substitute the cash that comes from exporting oil. Maybe not as much as before but yes in a less prominent fashion. Countries have their ups and downs. However, Venezuela is not a small country, has natural resources in abundance and is well situated.


What it needs to stress is the rule of law, technological education and values. The subject is one for debate and analysis.

In retrospect, no one really knows how to foresse the future. True, life is Venezuela today is not an example for any country to follow. Sincerely, it is sad not to say discouraging. Self government will not work without self disciple. In a democratic society, when the ignorant, indolent and morally bankrupt, outnumber the educated, industrious, and principled, dictatorial socialism is inevitable. I do not know how to write in English, excuse me please for doing so. I see my country die day after day and you describe it in clear and crudely.

Your words made me cry, these are sad, these are hard, they are all true. Thanks for being a non-silent witness. Interesting that you should quote Ayn Rand. Would you consider yourself a follower of her political beliefs? I am not an objectivist per say. But I do have a lot of sympathy for lots of her philosophical beliefs. When you describe the national suicide of Venezuela, it makes me wonder. Could that happen here in the US? Is it happening now? Yes it does sound horrid. What we in the US will become. Too much money going from working people to those who choose not to work.

Trying to hold poverty at bay in countries other than our own. Borrowing money from other governments to shore up the farce we are in. I only hope I will expire before the true suffering going on in Venezuela comes closer to my life. Joel, he llorado al leer su relato.

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Es muy duro. I think suriname that is also in south america is at the beginning stages of this same phenomenon. My childhood in Ciudad Piar, Estado Bolivar, during the late 60s and early 70s when Venezuela was becoming the crown jewel of Latin America, was wonderful. I will always be thankful to my parents who took the risk of moving us a small town at the end of the rail road. The demise of Venezuela is heartbreaking to Venezuelans and to two generations of gringo-criollo kids with Venezuelan hearts.

We weep. The message, sad. The execution of your message, inspirational. You are a gifted writer, and apparently one with heart. I have been to Venezuela twice, and love the people there. I never would have believed that Chavez and his continuing policies with Maduro could damage the country the way they have. It is truly heartbreaking. Your description is vivid and real. Cormac McCarthy, watch out!