Blood Vision (German Edition)

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Today, it is impossible to imagine Germany returning to any Loading, please wait To read the full article. More: Germany Ideology. Santiago Anria and Kenneth M. The Demolition of U. Stay informed. In-depth analysis delivered weekly. Sign Up.

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Listen to Article:. Even at the slow speed, some of the images are maddeningly fast. I did a quarter speed for the first 20 seconds or so, although even then I had to pause a great deal, and half speed for the remainder of the video. Jaime kills the Mad King Aerys to save his family. Oh, and to stop him from burning Kings Landing to the ground, too. And that paves the way for Mad Queen Dowager Cersei to completely destroy his family and burn Kings Landing to the ground. People will already accept her before the battle..

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But I believe there is more chance that she will eventually die fighting WW and Jon end up as king.. Him being king is foreshadowed too much..

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You would have thought that I would have learned this by accidentally clicking it. I have other theories as to who they will kill. Also, Sandsnakes are definitely coming back, IMO.

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Tommen is their last remaining target if they want the Lannisters to suffer. All around no regard for smallfolks life …. My thanks also Sue and to Mayes T. In The Lord of the Rings, people are not born with innate wisdom for how to rule either. Though as GRRM knows, Tolkien did start writing a Fourth Age story, where most magic had left the world, and it was full of petty evils and mundane politics. GRRM picked up where Tolkiem left off. So many mischaracterizations of Tolkien among GRRM fans, when the truth is that the latter draws significant inspiration from the former.

I cannot answer for the gods, Your Grace … only for what I found when I rode into the throne room that day. Aerys was dead on the floor, drowned in his own blood. His dragon skulls stared down from the walls. Jaime wore the white cloak of the Kingsguard over his golden armor.

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I can see him still. Even his sword was gilded. I stopped in front of the throne, looking up at him.

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My men were filling the room behind me. I never said a word. I looked at him seated there on the throne, and I waited. At last Jaime laughed and got up. I was only keeping it warm for our friend Robert. Look how many of their ppl were killed.

German translation of 'vision'

One death will not assuage their blood lust!!! I really hope this is the case. Having the dragons swoop down and wipe out all the White Walkers just like that would be… boring and too easy. I hope they kill a dragon and reanimate it. And who do you think would they be?

WW2: How did Britain hide its treasure from the Nazis?

They want revenge on the Lannisters Gregor and the other minion who has already been killed who was responsible for the murders. Well, sometimes you do have both a King and a Queen! This does not have to be Eliza Bennet and Mr. Darcy who probably has a first name , riding off to a hard-fought love-ever-after.

It could be an arrangement of pure pragmatism: There are other possibilities, too. That way, Mel gets the King she saw in the flames: Dragon glass is what the maesters call obsidian. According to Luwin or Aemon.

Volcanic fires form it. And we know a lot of it is at Dragonstone. Not in kingslanding …. Why do they want to kill Tommen? Marg will probably die, and that will cause Tommen to kill himself. And that will devastate Cersei. Just karma all around…….. The smallfolk like to say that dragonglass is made by dragons while Maesters say it comes from the fires of the earth. There are large deposits of dragonglass on Dragonstone and it is an important export from Asshai.

Mors Umber wears a chunk of dragonglass in place of a lost eye. Because Dragonstone has lots of dragonglass and because of the name, I tend to think the smallfolk are correct. Of course, it is natural to extrapolate that dragons themselves will be excellent weapons against the White Walkers. Wildfire would be a truly excellent weapon against the wights , yes, because fire seems to be the only thing that can end the wights.

However, the White Walkers Others are immune to fire so that would likely apply to wildfire, as well. We shall see — perhaps this season, even. That is a very, very good point — thanks for pointing it out. The wights will, by then, be swarming all over the place, causing untold death and devastation among all. So aerial dragonfire should be used to save them, and the general populace of Westeros.

Three have been killed. Bran already has influenced past events when he created Hodor before Bran was born. He learned his lesson well — or at least I very much hope he did. Comparing Jon and Dany is a bit odd, they are very different people. Jon is the respected leader, Dany is nothing without her dragons. We have names like the Glass Mountains for similar reasons. This probably is all pretty moot, though.

Nothing in the books or show indicates that natural vs. There really would be no way for them to detect it: She sees its her duty as last survivor to take back what they lost.. But sadly she will not find her house with red door and green hills because winter will be here.. How come Benjen knows the truth about Jon? Their arcs run extremely parallel to each other, which makes it almost impossible to not compare them. His own men assassinated him, and all of Westeros would consider him a traitor for letting Wildlings into the country.

Moreover, how is Daeny not a respected leader? Of course, this is a leading pair of questions: That is part of the parallel between the two. Would put them all up there and who will rule? It can go both ways.